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ACE:PopUpClass – ICONS MJ Thriller

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Wednesday 30th October 2019

Each class is aimed at people who simply want to learn a routine to music they love and made famous by some of our most popular music icons! In 60 minutes you will learn the steps to the themed routine and leave the studio buzzing! Some classes will feature familiar choreography performed by the icon, some classes will feature routines inspired by them – but ALL the classes are action packed and full of F U N!

Bring yourself, bring friends, bring water (or something stronger…) and get your own party started at our fantastic new way to spend a night out!

Each class is £10pp, please pay via the pricing page prior to the class date to secure your place!


October 30 @ 19:30
19:30 — 20:30 (1h)

Park House School

Laura Kelleher Byrne

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