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This class is currently unavailable

We apologise we are aren’t currently running this class and it will return soon, however, we do have lots of other great classes you could try! Please contact us if you have any questions.


Adult beginner classes, all ages and abilities welcome
- a willingness to learn is essential. Ballet
is a wonderful way to increase your fitness and muscle tone whilst transporting yourself to a place of elegance, control and poise.

Ballet is a type of very skilled and artistic dancing with carefully planned movements. Ballet technique can help to tone and strengthen the body in a low/no impact way and offers the participants the opportunity to learn to dance with expression and poise.

At ACE we offer Ballet classes for adults each week. (The class is open to young people from the age of 16 upwards)


Whether you would like to learn the basics, increase your fitness and well being, participate in professional level class or get your budding young dancer involved in a fun, creative dance group - sign up today to get moving with ACE